Thursday, 20 December 2012

Moroka finish complete

Drove by today, not expecting much, but there was a truck pulled up, with buckets of Moroka in the back. Spoke to the fellow and he was there to finish off the ground floor Moroka sand/paint. Exciting!

No delivery of wall insulation, nor gyprock, and today (Wed 19/12/2012) is the last day it can be arranged - Masterton shut down for 3 weeks tomorrow.

I think that's it for the year, sadly.

Pictures of the paint pots and front media room window exterior

More front views

Rear view, panoramic

Underneath the fusebox - could this be NBN - certainly some copper there for the phone.

Termination point and ducting for the air-conditioning

LHS views

Alfresco and RHS view

Panoramic of alfresco to rear

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Some panoramic shots

Upstairs living room

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Great room

Main bathroom

Main bedroom

Upstairs hallway/staircase (to-be)

Downstairs great room

Over alfesco, upstairs prior to roofing

Insulation nearly complete

After some confusion and stuff-ups regarding lack of wall (sound) insulation, and no installation above alfresco area, we are nearly ready for gyprock.

I suspect it won't be installed until 2013 now, however, as the shutdown kicks in this Thursday for deliveries and workers going on leave.

Some assorted photos should brings things up-to-date, below -

Exterior wall insulation installed and strapped, for the most part.

Garage cabling and office done - cabling not correct in this photo.

Ceiling insulation and all the air conditioning ducting and wiring complete

Great room cable ducting, and we finally have a doorway under the stairs - we were expecting them to forget this, as they denied it existed, despite it being on the plan and even being wired up with lights and powerpoint! LOL

Bathroom and main upstairs living

Alfresco wiring and air conditioning ducts

Upstairs tv ducting and air conditioning ducts to below level

Air condition return and more ducting, this one in main bedroom

This will be interesting. This is the waste for the upstairs main bath. Note it hasn't been plumbed and you can see insulation. As we 'don't have access' I cannot report this one to the SS.

Exterior view. Finally, the roof is complete, and eaves on lower level garage/alfresco done

The original CAT6 cable loom in garage, redone to lower with more cable now...

Aerial COAX box, as we now have a TV antenna out the back above alfresco roof.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Electrical rough-in done, roof tomorrow

No roof completion yet.

Electrical rough in completed over last few days.

Roofers finally returned today and got the frame ready for tiling. Should complete by end of the week.

Sentinel stuffed up and didn't read the plan. We specified that 3 metres of cable be left 'free' in a loop in the garage, below the standard hub. They cabled to hub.

They then had to come back days later and re-run all their CAT6 cables to allow this.

Light switches at entrance, and earth/ground cabling to gas pipe, connects over to behind fusebox

This is the rear of the fusebox and the the main cabling for the media room at front of house.

Great room media wiring

Front entrance, looking up, and down

Hallway wiring

Upstairs wiring

Above kitchen wiring near pipes, and kitchen island wiring

A typical 1st floor powerpoint, and the lighting run for the staircase

Upstairs family room wiring, and on verandah

More upstairs wiring

Upstairs family room

Bathroom (main)


Finished wiring for hot-water recess - comes with a cover (not shown)

External rear LHS wiring for pool and lighting thereabouts - + rear view of great room

Cabling in garage

Shown are the reels the cablers used for the various power runs