Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Scaffolding down, ready for next stage

The scaffolders came today and configured the layout, removing most of the frames.

They constructed new frames around the front verandah, and another around the rear of the alfresco. All else is gone.

We noticed that they've painted all the eaves on the first floor and also the down-pipes!

Photos in subsequent posts.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Eaves completed on upper level

No action yesterday, but I noticed some tradies there today working on the eaves.

After work, I checked it out, and they've completed not only the eaves on the 1st floor, but all the plumbing as well.

They've lowered the scaffolding somewhat, ready for what I'm guessing will be roofing of the garage/alfresco.

Here's the revised front of house.

 Here's the front verandah

LHS and rear of house, upper level

RHS upper level, and a wall join that may need more attention to detail on LHS

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Roof tiles nearly complete

Just the garage/office/alfresco to go now. Photos below.

Photo of the front, and underneath the eaves of the front verandah - interestingly a piece of fibro is placed in there, pressing up against the sarking. This appears nowhere else except for verandah area - wind protection?

A typical tile point-end (this LHS front), and the drainage valley

Front LHS and Rear LHS

Rear RHS and Front RHS to middle

Monday, 19 November 2012

Tiles about half done by the weekend!

Here's updated photos from the build. The tiles are complete at front and rear, with just half of both LHS and RHS to complete (and the corner overlay tiles).

Met the site supervisor today and he said that the high scaffolding will be pulled down in the next couple of days after upper roof tile completion, in order to complete the tiling over garage and alfresco/study.

Tiling at the front

 Tiling at rear

A close-up of the outlets and how Moroka looks next to it

Here's the Moroka containers and a close-up of the colour mix sheet

Here's a downward view from the top of the scaffolding, towards our backyard incl. pool.

Here'a a couple of attempts at panorama mode, on my phone, of the rear view.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Tiles being loaded onto the roof!

Drove past this morning early on and, even though it was raining a little more than a drizzle, I noticed a ute outside, unloading what could only be the roof tile conveyor belt system.

Dropped in at the end of the day, and found they've prepped the entire roof - sarking laid, and support beams nailed into place. And about half the roof has been loaded up ready for tile laying.

Maybe they're hoping to lay on a Saturday? Time will tell. (ps: they did!)

Some shots of the tile conveyor belt

Some shots of the RHS and LHS tile stacks

Front tile stacks

From the rear

Internal views

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Ready for roofing!

No-one onsite yesterday, but I drove past in the morning today (Tues 13/11) and noted a guy installing the barge-boards (or whatever they call them these days).

Called by again over lunch and saw that they'd finished the barge-boards, gutters (without down-pipes), and delivered several pallets of roof tiles!

Someone has also been by and installed the footings for the railing on the front verandah.

Here's some shots of the rear of the barge-board mountings

Close-up and the LHS run

Another LHS run

RHS run, and an offcut

The valley

The roof tiles!

Verandah 'footings'

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Moroka Day!

Nobody onsite since last Thursday, since the brickwork was finished.

Drove by this morning, and noticed a ute out the front loaded up with lots of white buckets. It can only be the ingredients needed for the Moroka finish.

Drove by again at lunchtime (sneaky!), and yes, it is indeed the Moroka being done today. Took a photo or two, more tonight!

Weather is closing in, so they didn't come back on 8th or 9th of November, sadly. Hopefully this gets finished on Monday!

UPDATE! No-one came to finish this on the following Monday or Tuesday so far. I suspect they did the upper reaches in Moroka so they could get on with the roofing.

Front RHS garage and rear alfresco area.

View of the entrance.

 RHS of house, and the rear.

LHS RHS of house from the  front.

Front, taken from the patio.

More of the front, taken from scaffolding.