Thursday, 31 January 2013

Major Progress today to lockup

EDIT: or perhaps Corporal Progress? SS promised lots, delivered none.

Spoke with SS confirmed that lockup will occur during the day today. SS confirms that the skirting, architraves and doors should be fitted today, the kitchen and vanity units also, with a view to commencing tiling in all areas from next week. From this, I'd say we'd have keys by mid-March.

Took some photos of the staircase being installed - talk about good timing.

Lots of progress yesterday, including delivery of all kitchen cupboards, bathroom vanities, and firming up of door sizes (which was causing confusion, as the plans were drafted incorrectly as oversize doors downstairs when they didn't need to be (nor listed in the contract, more importantly).

Here's some photos from yesterday, first up the delivery of all the kitchen hardware -

 Waterproofing of the downstairs powder room -

Waterproofing of the laundry and main bathroom -

Waterproofing of the ensuite bathroom, and the shower niche -

Also waterproofed the upstairs verandah, and here's a photo of the upstairs dual-sink vanity units -

And a photo from today, installation of the staircase -

More photos tonight in a lockup special post! Let's hope I can get in.
EDIT: no lockup today, no carpenters at all in fact - only the staircase.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Doors, architraves and skirting day 1

Front door fitted! With a builders lock! It's ok, it wasn't closed fully! Come on in!

Looks like a massive delivery of doors, architraves, skirting and door jambs arrived on Friday! Note the pre-fitted door hinges on the jambs and even pre-drilled door-knob assemblies on the doors - only on internal doors though, not shown here.

The door on the right is the full core door we optioned for the garage, as we will have a Tri-lever lock there too for those naughty thieves who can break into garages. Shown also are the door spines with branding.

Here's a shot of the door jambs and skirting/architraves.

Bugger me, they've fitted some internal doors - these four doors are of the sliding variety, in the laundry.

 Architraves fitted seemingly randomly around the ground floor of house. 1st shown is the massive window above staircase, and then the kitchen.

 And the laundry window.

Here's the skirting in the Great Room!

And a nasty water leak above the garage exterior. One for them to fix pronto, before painting the eaves.

 I expect lock-up proper will be early this week, then we'll see some *real* progress!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Cornices finished

I think window and door architraves next. They call this stage 'fittings'. No delivery of materials yet, so I think that will be next.

Photos of finished rooms below! It's nice to finally get some traction after losing 3 months to non-attendance of work-men on our site.

EDIT: then nothing, for the rest of this week - *sigh* EDIT2: until Friday 25th that is

Pictures of the media room, entrance hallway and room to stairway below -

Garage and kitchen shots -

 Alfresco shots L and R

Shots from upstairs lounge area -

Bedrooms, perfect and dark, for sleepin' -

Lounge area and main bedroom -

 Panoramic of great room including kitchen and to alfresco -

Video walkthroughs

Another tradie onsite today - suspect they are either fitting cornices or attempting to lock-up today. Photos later in another post.

I recorded some walkthroughs at various stages of the build, and thought I'd share them here.

Walkthrough 11th August 2012

Walkthrough 13th August 2012

Walkthrough 14th December 2012 - ground floor

Walkthrough 14th December 2012 - 1st floor

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Gyprock day 2 (Saturday!)

Shock of Shocks!

Dropped into the property this morning to find workers there, fixing the plaster on the corners and nail sections. They covered over many of the power outlets and HDMI access ducts, so those will be fun for them to find again at the other end of this process.

Cornices are up next along with skirting on windows and doors. Lockup is looming large now.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Gyprock installed

As expected (or guessed really, our SS doesn't communicate), gyprock was installed today.

Next steps, cornices and front door. Once they are done, bathrooms and kitchens are installed, along with internal doors and electrics.

Entrance hallway and garage -

Media room and staircase -

Staircase and feature in hall, along with under-stair and laundry recess -

Panoramic of great room -

Kitchen shot and kitchen to front door -

Alfresco shot from rear and kitchen to alfresco -

Upstairs, in the main bathroom, both -

Panoramic of main bedroom -

panoramic of ensuite bathroom -

Hallway shot upstairs and upstairs lounge -

More shots of upstairs lounge -

Upstairs lounge from front, and to BR2 -

Back down to the garage, cabling as agreed (the rest is in the wall - weird) and to front garage corner -