Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Wood flooring installed and some landscaping

As mentioned in the previous post, we've had the wood flooring guys from Accent in yesterday.

They only took a day, and they've finished the flooring. Carpet next - not sure when.

We paid the majority of our final account yesterday - for handover. Awaiting fixing some overcharges, and refund of the $220 for the blue bin the tradies were meant to use for food scraps (but didn't). Then will pay the remainder and get the keys!

Here's the Great Room -

Same room, panorama -

Here's the media room and staircase -

 Here's the Great Room, with guest Lachlan -

The rear yard has been shaped up, ready for soil and grass. We're getting a garden bed installed against the house also -

 Another shot, this time from the alfresco - we're using the bricks as landfill - no other use needed -

A couple of on the ground shots -

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Post PCI update

Well, PCI went fine. There were a few minor things - no surprises. Lots of paint specs, scratches, imperfections that we highlighted with the site supervisor. And we signed off on PCI. They have 3 months to fix the problems from last Friday 22nd March.

So here's a photo, after the site rubbish was removed, on the morning of PCI.

Inside, the ensuite now has the correct shower rose -

Also in the ensuite, we now have a strange ugly long bath spout - hey at least it reaches the bath now. But look! There's some tile damage - noted with SS, but not sure if on PCI sheet...

Here's the kitchen, with half-complete splashback, on PCI day -

SS reckons this brick is normal, above alfresco. Not so sure. And a drill mark in the rear wall, needs repairing -

I took a photo of the run-sheet. It would've been nice to have seen some of these dates or known what the progress steps were, along the way. It might be useful for other readers that are building -

Yesterday, I came by at lunchtime to find a digger and a new power-pole in the midst of being installed -

Here's the trench, and the pole. They use the cardboard ring to encapsulate the concrete support, then I guess it breaks down (?) -

The fuse-box innards, and a shot of underneath the fusebox -

Looks like during the digging they smashed into the charged stormwater piping - oops! And as I was taking photos, a truck pulls up, containing a couple of very disgruntled workers, pissed off that they weren't told about the piping being there in the first place. Lessons learnt, Masterton? Speak with your tradies!

Here's the complete splashback -

More on the fusebox, this time completed, as of Monday 25th afternoon -

Top of power-pole, and the house at 5:00pm -

OK, so here's today's morning shots. The blackbutt flooring is being installed -

Media room intensity -

Another new update this afternoon. The landscaping of the rear yard has commenced, and the flooring should be complete. Also the storm fencing should be removed this afternoon as well.

Thus endeth this post.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

PCI tomorrow!

Just got off the phone. The PCI is booked in for tomorrow morning!

I ripped into the site this afternoon after work and found many faults, but none of them particularly major.

They installed the splashback today... except there's nothing where the sink is - so funny!

More soon!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

PCI update

The site supervisor finally answered the phone after near on a week of ring-outs and un-answered SMS. He is planning walk through with us and PCI for early next week!

He mentioned the ensuite will be fixed today, the power pole this week, the splash back also this week. Handover won't happen unless we sign off on PCI.

And then it will be up to us to complete the rest...

Site update!

The big rubbish bins are gone as of lunchtime today.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Site clean update 2/2

Here's the night update.

I popped inside this afternoon and took a few more shots.

The first thing I noticed was that we now have the official front door lock fitted, rather than the builders lock. That's the end of tradies running through the place. The SS is the only one with the key (well, I kind of do as well LOL - more on that another day).

Here's a photo of the blank space where the rubbish used to be -

And the house, from where the rubbish used to be, and the front door, with unexpected guest - the as-ordered front door lock - Gainsborough Tri-lock - I do need to check if this lock is bumpable - if so, we'll have to replace it with something more secure - fingerprint readers with pulse detection?

Here's the front door lock -


Panorama 1 -

Panorama 2 -

That's all for now. I've called the SS every day now for 4 days running - no reply. Maybe he's dead.

Site clean update 1/2

As promised by the site supervisor, the cleaners came through the house today. They did a pretty good job removing all the builders refuse, and then must've run around with a heavy mop, as there was water everywhere.

Here's some photos!

Here's the main bathroom ensuite, all clean!

The ensuite -

Panorami of the Great Room including kitchen -

Panoramic of upstairs lounge room -

Close-ups of the exposed kitchen -

Kitchen island and media room -

The outside view -

More outside -

Look what I saw this morning (Tues 19/3) - a truck that delivered a digger!

Digger in action, no more bin, yay! Both pictures, a worker raking away all the muck. The second picture has an action shot of the digger manipulating and stacking one of the 'walls' of the bin - a wire fence really -