Friday, 31 August 2012

Update from last day of Winter 2012

Finishing off the ground floor bricks happened today and on Saturday 1st and 3rd September.

Prior to scaffolding, they apparently have to get the bricks to a certain level, completely around the house.

See below for brick lintel going across front entrance and the garage (inside the I-beam - nifty!)

A closer look. And one of the brick support for the upstairs verandah.

A closer look at the garage lintel, and the cabling conduit in garage for external lighting.

An upstairs view of the front lower-level roofing trusses

Inside one of the feature 'beams' at the front of the house.

A close-up of the lintel support outward facing in the garage.

Updates from afternoon of 30th August

The bricks have reached the first floor along the front and RHS of the house - exciting!

Right up there!

 Alfresco area, free of pallets, finished really apart from tiles.

A shot of down the RHS from the rear, and the alfresco water / drain for BBQ area

Interesting lintel support above window, and a shot of the support beam brick-in

 Hmm... the carpenters must've been back briefly, as this dwarf wall appeared next to the staircase!

Brickwork and frame (30th August)

On 30th August, we arrived to meet the site supervisor (who it turns out forgot about our appointment and wasted 45 minutes of our time) to find a big PGH truck there, in the process of unloading pallets of bricks, our second brick delivery (I believe).

Check out the weird delivery forklift. It fits into the rear of the trailer!

Brickwork continues (from 29th August)

Brickwork via two crews 28th and 29th August. All going well.

Here's the almost finished alresco

more alfresco shots

shows the framework support for alfresco, and the ventilation bin for the XL-TASTIC

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Plumbing, Brickwork continues

Sewage runs for main bathroom completed today - run goes through void in laundry.

More brickwork yesterday and today occurred.

The front facade is higher and side walls are growing tall. RHS below.

 LHS media room window being bricked around.

urgh... DUX hot water system insert installed yesterday.

rear view and LHS from rear view

Alfresco shots. Rear stairs not happening until after keys and handover. Stubborn rule-following unimaginative site supervisor.

Crack in alfresco sliding door wooden outer frame... not sure how they'll fix that! and staircase nearly bricked in

shot of plumbing runs in office and window shot in office

garage wall shot