Monday, 30 July 2012

Plumbing and drainage done, ready for frame delivery

Digger having some fun on the slab.

Sewage trench.

Plastic pipe run, I assume for Telstra and NBN.

Site in action

The onsite plumbing company. These guys kindly dug our connection to the pool also. It would've been much more expensive later.

The pool backwash, and the house drainage.

Partial excavation of tank, and what looks like a right side front down pipe outlet.

Buried the pipes, and inside the tank prior to re-fill. It was 3/4 full of water already (like a pool, it must remain at least 1/3 full.

Here's the custom connection to the pool, including facility for lots of power.

Here's a sewage access point, and another view of the excavated rain-water tank.

Above view of pool backwash outlet and the run for the pressure and power pipes for the charged drainage system. Also, a finished view of the various pieces of concrete in the backyard that have to stay...

The fill has been adjusted in the backyard to allow the digger access. And a couple of downpipes.

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