Monday, 23 March 2015

This happened!

Indeed, we sold our property in October 2014, and moved onto a rental in January 2015.

We are building again, but not with Masterton. Wincrest this time! Here's hoping for a better experience!


  1. How come you sold?

    We have a block of land about the same size.. was looking at doing a knock down rebuilt.. and the Villina Grande looks good...

    Though, with a higher base price.. concerned at what it may end up at ;(

  2. Hi!

    Pretty much sold to take advantage of the market and to do it again. Each time we flip properties, it knocks off a good amount off our eventual mortgage.

    The Villina design was great - the finish was merely ok. We had a truly awful site supervisor, who just didn't have the eye for detail (or customer liaison skills) that we wanted for our house. And I wasn't happy with the drop-ceiling entrance that somehow crept into the design - I think that might be gone now with the latest version.

    This time we are going with Wincrest Homes - the Windara - a similar yet more smartly designed house, on a similar size block.

    We're at knock-down stage - due in a couple of weeks.

    (for updates refer

  3. Wow, building the next. Good luck and hope it works out better this time round.

  4. Congratulations. I hope Wincrest serves you better.


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