Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Inaction Summary

I thought I'd tie up all the inaction posts into one, to save the bitching -

16th Sept - one week lost. Nothing at all done onsite since the scaffolding

21st Sept - two weeks lost. No contact from site supervisor.

25th Sept - three weeks lost. Finally got hold of site supervisor, who said they'd be back today. Nothing happened though.

27th Sept - a single van turns up today and installs most of the roof trusses.

28th Sept - same van back for an hour or two of tidy up, roof truss-related only.

3rd Oct - escalated to Construction Manager, as a similar Villina that started after ours (a few blocks away) is now at the gyprock stage, having had it's brickwork finished a month ago, roofing, plumbing and electricity completed in the last 3 weeks... The site supervisor finally called me back and said that the brickies will be back mid-next week (10/10 or so) and will remain to finish the job

11th Oct - escalated once again as was not happy with losting 6 weeks of building time. Was again told brickies to turn up, weather permitting on 15th October. We've lost any hope we had of getting to PCI by Christmas 2012.

16th Oct - I've been advised by Masterton sources that the brickies are back tomorrow. Hopefully things will speed up from now. Our upstairs floors are looking the worse for wear. All the nails are rusty. *sigh*

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