Monday, 28 January 2013

Doors, architraves and skirting day 1

Front door fitted! With a builders lock! It's ok, it wasn't closed fully! Come on in!

Looks like a massive delivery of doors, architraves, skirting and door jambs arrived on Friday! Note the pre-fitted door hinges on the jambs and even pre-drilled door-knob assemblies on the doors - only on internal doors though, not shown here.

The door on the right is the full core door we optioned for the garage, as we will have a Tri-lever lock there too for those naughty thieves who can break into garages. Shown also are the door spines with branding.

Here's a shot of the door jambs and skirting/architraves.

Bugger me, they've fitted some internal doors - these four doors are of the sliding variety, in the laundry.

 Architraves fitted seemingly randomly around the ground floor of house. 1st shown is the massive window above staircase, and then the kitchen.

 And the laundry window.

Here's the skirting in the Great Room!

And a nasty water leak above the garage exterior. One for them to fix pronto, before painting the eaves.

 I expect lock-up proper will be early this week, then we'll see some *real* progress!

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  1. Just got off the phone from the SS... it seems the doors and jambs for downstairs were mis-delivered. We have a 2.4 high ceiling downstairs, and they only delivered the standard size doors... re-order time. Lockup delayed.


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