Friday, 8 March 2013

Kitchen drawers re-installed today + bathroom update

Drove past this morning, and saw 2 utes in the front, the fence and gate was open, so thankfully, someone is alive at Masterton. We're hopeful it is Sentinel, there to finish off the network, speaker and TV cabling.

Here's a few photos -

Yesterday, we noted that the ensuite shower fitting has been taken away, and 'replace' has been scrawled on 2 wall tiles. It's only taken 2 weeks...

Here's a close-up of the garage door brand. I quickly removed this sticker. We don't unnecessary advertising on the house, now do we?

Tap fittings in ensuite. Again, they are not what we ordered. Something for the site supervisor next week.

More photos to be posted tonight - 2 vans onsite == mega-update!

UPDATE! Nope, just the kitchen drawers re-installed. They originally installed regular drawers, but our tender always said soft-close. That'll cost 'em!

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