Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Even more retaining wall photos

The retaining wall work is nearly done. Along with the alfresco stairs.

Here's some more shots.

Here's the alfresco staircase prior to fill with grout -

 And at lunchtime today, here's the finished product (apart from tiles on LHS side-wall)

Here's the shower, at pour, and just prior to tiles (tiling this Friday) -

Here's the front retaining wall, just about finished -

Here's a photo I've amended with the overview plan. We're thinking of putting a dog training collar system in, as our dog keeps demolishing things in our garden beds...

Here's a couple more photos, from evening of Tues 14/5. Retaining walls in rear all finished. Just waiting for tiling of shower area, fill of garden space, more wood retaining along LHS (new work), soil and turf to rear. Then onto front soil and turf - then all done!

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