Friday, 10 May 2013

Retaining wall updates

Landscapers are working hard everyday to get our place finished by the end of next week.

Here's a pre-sunset shot from the top of the driveway -

A a twisted panoramic shot of same -

Here's the alfresco staircase, using our extra bricks, and the rear retaining wall (garden bed really) -

 Other side of rear retaining wall. We're now talking about putting in a slab for the pool shower, right -

 Woohoo! Got a chance to unbox some more last night and found most of the blu-rays. Found a nifty dvd/BR display rack that be mounted to the wall, thanks to Selby Acoustics for $89 delivered, so built it and populated it with goodies -

Finish off of both retaining walls today and Monday, and tiling of staircase then too. Then onto turf of front and rear, and lay of slab. Then some copper logs to be laid along LHS of property (from front), to even out the pathway, which is just a whole lot of river pebbles interspersed with drop in large pavers in off-white.

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