Thursday, 30 May 2013

Landscaping and driveway is finished

Here's the latest shot from the front of house. The grass is down, the retaining wall is complete. Pebbles are laid down each side along with pavers. You might notice the grass is pulled up next to the driveway - this is because one coat of sealer remains to be applied - 

Here's a couple of shots of the front -

And another from the garage corner -

Backyard turf is complete -

From the pool -

Another from the front -

Here's the complete LHS from rear, and from the same spot towards the pool. See, we've managed to level off the overflow drain, and the clothes line has been installed -

The completed staircase, and the completed outdoor shower -

 Here's the RHS retaining wall as it runs down the house, and a couple of shots of the pool -

Some more shots of the RHS retaining and finishing - we love it! -


  1. It looks fantastic! Worth the wait!

  2. It took a lot longer than we anticipated - 3 months longer, but at least we're in! We'll keep the blog updated as we install lights and finish the internals/add stuff. Thanks!


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