Thursday, 21 February 2013

Final day of tiling

Tiling finished today, I estimate it took them 4.5 days of work, interdispersed over a 2 week period. Plus they stole all our excess tiles of which there were many boxes. I'm calling them today.

First up though, upon walking in, I see the toilets have finally been delivered!

Here's some of the boxes -

And the same from different views -

The finished feature tiles in the upstairs shower recesses -

 Tiling completed at upstairs verandah and front door. There is a little raised tiled section as it connects to each respective door. Same at the alfresco (unpictured) -

Hmm.. the carpenters must've sneaked in and installed the kitchen vent (on the eaves near the alfresco) -

The plumber has been by in the last few days and finished the down-pipes, and had them painted. Same all around the house. But the real highlight is the right photo, which shows the plumber has done some work on the outside shower. This wasn't in contract, so it's a bonus, however ugly it is.

 Here's the water recycling system, and the box for same -

Friday PM update. No activity at all for 2 days straight. Slackers.

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