Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Painting on Monday

Nothing happened on Friday or Saturday, but swung by on Monday morning to see three utes and lots of activity.

By the end of the day, it was evident that gyprock people had called by, and that lots of painting had been done, along with removing all the doors for an individual paint job.

It seems that the SS or painter then went through and circled defects in the plaster, for later rectification. I think they are following the '3 coats' paint strategy that seems to be a Masteron standard.

First photo is of the garage -

 Media room and entrance facade -

 Panorama of media room -

 Upstairs lounge, and one of the bedrooms -

 The main-hole cover, and the recess, in the walk-in robe ceiling -

Panoramic of the Great Room and kitchen, painted 1st coat -

 Panoramic of the upstairs lounge room -

Here's the walk-in robe and a partial of the main bedroom -

More of the upstairs lounge and the main bedroom -

 A couple of bathroom shots -

Downstairs shot -

The main wall colour -

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