Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Tap fittings and Air Conditioning

Lots of activity yesterday. The toilets were fitted, along with all the taps (or most) and the various fittings such as roll holders and towel rails.

We requested that we be notified and present to show exactly where the fittings were to go, so this is more than disappointing.

On top of that, they've installed the wrong shower-head in the ensuite. The tender specifically defines a rain-shower head for that shower. Fail - re-tile, delay. Nice one.

Air conditioning was in as well. All the vents are installed and connected, along with the control system.

Baths yet to be fitted.

And no surprise, the verandah had its railing fitted also!

Ok, here's the single-sided deadlock to garage and the shower rose for powder room -

Kitchen bench with taps and BR2 -

Sliding doors in laundry and doors along hallway to Great Room / Kitchen -

Alarm console and Great Room -

An example of the air con ducts we chose, and the AC Return (in upstairs lounge) -

WC in ensuite, and powder room -

 Shower rose in main bathroom, and the bath tap assembly for same -

 Main bathroom WC, along with ensuite bath tub fittings - not sure about spout length! -

A shot of the upstairs lounge, and newly installed ballistrade railing to verandah -

 Panoramic of Great Room - nearly finished!

Drove past at lunchtime Tues 26/2 one tradie had just arrived - suspect electrician!

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