Monday, 18 February 2013

Weekend Update

Here's the wrap-up for the latter half of the week.

Painting for all intents was finished, including staining, repairs and final coats. On Friday, the solar tube people came by and installed one into the walk-in robe - completely changes the look.

Tiling stalled this week. They did 2 days the week previous and never came back.

The funniest thing this week - the painters reinstalled the builders locks onto the doors, but fitted the garage door lock the wrong way around, so anyone could just walk in. Crazy.

Here's the latest photo from the front. I wish they'd hurry and tile the verandah so the railing can go up, and the scaffolding removed -

 Final stain on front door, plastic not yet removed, and gotta love those unpainted hinges -

 2nd bedroom -

 Living area upstairs -


 Solar tube van -

 The tube in action!

 New panoramic of fully painted upstairs lounge -

Fully painted media room and staircase -

 Here's the kitchen, and main bedroom - edging all done -

Upstairs lounge from the hallway -

 Kitchen, a bit dark -

Great room, a bit light -

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