Thursday, 28 February 2013

Scaffolding finally removed and major electrical installation day!

Just one point of activity yesterday. The scaffolding was removed.

Drove past this morning (Thurs), and I think the electrician was working away, as it seemed he was working on something above the front door, likely the sensor installation?

Here's some photos taken just before sunset. Please excuse the exposure on some - was rushing. It turns out it was the electrician. He installed all points, lights and the fans.

The entrance batten, and power for comms rack -

The garage -

How about those fans in the alfresco -

Here's the kitchen and great room, with points -

And the media room & staircase -

Here's upstairs lounge and hallway -

BR3 with fan, and the staircase - wall mounted lights - ugh -

BR2 and main bedroom fans - no light in main -

Main bathroom and ensuite lighting installed -

Powder room lighting and a typical switch for them -

Here's the verandah -

And the side, provisional power and lighting for pool, and the HWS cavity - DUX - ugh -

Fusebox and provision for lighting to front garden, along with power, then the fusebox internals installed -

Friday update - no-one there today, as usual on a Friday.

Tuesday 5/3 morning update. No-one has been onsite since last Thursday.

The only things left to do are -

1) rectify the shower head in ensuite to rain-head (and the associated re-plumb & tiling)
2) paint the ceilings/cornices in bathrooms
3) paint the errors marked with blue tape
4) Sentinel to come back to finish CAT6+aerial wiring
5) Electrical pole to be installed and channelled through yard.
6) massive site clean and removal of waste bin and toilet

Then hand-over to us should occur at which point we basically project manage -

1) installation of air-conditioning exterior unit
2) installation of 3-phase connection to power pole and wiring of meter
3) installation of kitchen appliances
4) installation of DUX hot water system
5) installation of wood flooring to ground floor
6) installation of carpet to 1st floor

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