Thursday, 18 April 2013

Installation Day!

Here we are at the tail-end of installation day.

This is the day that Masterton arranged for the installation of -

- carpet
- hot water system
- garage door lifter
- recycled water commissioning
- gas
- kitchen appliances
- drainage
- data cabling termination
- tv antenna termination
- speaker termination

Here's some photos of the day as it went, from 7:00am it was full-on until just now -

I got onsite at exactly 7:00am, and the carpet guy was there, unloaded and waiting for entry. He got straight into it, and was the last to leave today.

The Sentinel guys, for the alarm and cabling arrived very shortly afterwards. I'll detail their works first -

Two vans, and they quickly installed the alarm components -

Here's the garage ethernet loop, which goes to our cabinet, and an IR sensor -

 Here's the Hills HomeHub. It's very basic. We're just using it for TV and phone -

Here's a typical wall installation, including ducting for HDMI and additional power, and speakers banana plugs, and a photo of the finished HomeHub -

Close-up of the ducting and points, and the comms cabinet patch panel, work in progress -

GEEK ALERT - the HP ProLiant Microserver N40L x 2, in the comms cabinet, and another shot of ducting -

Here's the carpet, after the underlay is down. Lach-a-laaannnn! (old joke) -

Here's the mounting for carpet, including inside a wardrobe -

More carpet, the underlay, and a finished room -

The kitchen appliances arrived at around midday. Here's photos of the boxes -

Oven and DUX hot water system. We substituted our new Bosch dishwasher, and will sell the supplied dishwasher in the box - nice -

 We employed a local electrician, and he installed power to the pool, and some lighting around the house, and here's a modification we made by paying the plumber $100 to tie off the gas and water points in the alfresco (they weren't in contract) -

Air conditioning guys came after lunch, and quickly installed and tested the system -

Here's the DUX system installed, and the control panel in laundry -

 Here's the garage door lifter, and the gas is now connected -

Can I mention these guys again? We had our electrician install 2 so far, and they ROCK -

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