Friday, 19 April 2013

Ready to move in!

Well, after installation day yesterday, we had our cleaners go through and do a full clean, including windows, architraves, doors, carpet, bathrooms, kitchen, wood floors, the lot!

Here's the latest photos from the front -

The media room to staircase -

Staircase, and the kitchen island lights, freshly installed - they're orange inside -

Going up the stairs to the lounge room -

View from front bedroom (BR4) -

View from staircase into upstairs lounge room -

The other angle on same room -

Main bedroom -

Ensuite bathroom and walk-in -

Alarm active, and Bosch dishwasher (aftermarket) installed -

Our microwave fits well, and here's the new Baumatic oven -

Here's shots of the speaker cabling for media room and upstairs lounge. We may terminate the leads in blocks later, but it's fine for now -

This is a typical installation for speaker cables in the wall and ceiling - leave a loop, for the speaker bracket to fit over -

Great Room, similar terminations -

Hills alarm system, and the completed rack internal -

Waiting for interim occupation certificate from Masterton, then we move in! That said we are moving most of our gear this weekend anyway, and the move is scheduled for this Monday!

Peace out.


  1. We're new estate agents in Torquay, Torbay, South Devon and have been following self-build blogs as part of our learning curve. We have to say how impressed we are with the finished item of your house building adventure. Well done - and great pics too!

  2. Server rack is sensational! My partner is green with envy!

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    The rack, by the way, is a Rack Technologies one, which you can get from ebay pretty cheaply. It's a 22U.

    It is populated with a 48port CAT6A patch panel, and uplinked to a bunch of daisy-chained gigabit switches that you can get from ebay for $20 a piece - cheap and cheerful - fast too!

    Below that are two HP ProLiant N40L Micro-servers. One is running VMware ESXi 5.1, and the other FreeNAS v8, with 12TB of redundant storage inside. It all runs a bunch of virtual servers (Home Server, etc), as I need it for my IT learning habits... :)


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