Monday, 15 April 2013

Post Handover update


After receiving the key last Tuesday, we've scheduled in all the trades and move day.

There was a mix-up regarding single-phase vs 3-phase power. We had in the tender that the house be 3-phase, irrespective of the air-conditioner requirement. We paid $480 for this privilege.

But at the pointy end, at installation, Statewide Electrical won't install 3-phase without a letter saying our site needs it.

Disappointing, as we've had it everywhere else and the power source is much more reliable - no blackouts - due to the power coming from different relay stations rather just one. We'll get over it I guess.

As to installation, power is scheduled for connect-to-grid 'early this week'. If they don't do it in time, all trade installations can still proceed on Thursday 18th, except for Sentinel. Not ideal, but we're hoping it still all goes ahead.

A complication raised itself last week and that was the driveway. It seems after installation we can't walk on it for *two* weeks. We'd heard one week previously.

That means we either put off moving, or do the driveway after the move, as there is 1 week and 1 day between installation and move, and we couldn't get them in until after installation (they'd step on the driveway, for sure).

On Friday 12/4 the tradie toilet was taken away! Fence and some site rubbish still there though.

Also on Friday, we learnt the reason for lack of contact from our Site Supervisor. He left the Friday previously! Either fired or voluntary - either way he was absolutely crap, and deserved firing. Good riddance. Too bad for us though. We made PCI one day prior to contract end-date. Not good enough Masterton. We wouldn't build with you again.

So we finally used the key on Thursday. Site access previously was via the fabulous bump-key - thanks youtube and google search for showing me within half an hour how to open a basic door lock. It meant we had site access every single day and had a pile of problems to show our Site Supervisor upon our bi-weekly inspections. I would suggest changing the locks on all sliding doors installed, however. They are just way too easy to get into. 10-15 seconds every time. I'll post a video of opening the door one day.

The house was sooo dirty. Mud trailed all over our lovely Blackbutt wooden flooring. Dust everywhere. The quality of the handover was crap.

Jim wouldn't have it any other way. Ok.

/end rant

Will be posting pictures of the power installation, and installation of the various services this Thursday, then updates on the driveway and landscaping efforts.

We may well bring forward our move date, as there appears no reason to delay any longer after this Thursday.

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